libyang  3.1.1
libyang is YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C.
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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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| \*version.hLibyang version definitions
 |\*metadata.hIetf-yang-metadata API
 |o*binary.cBuilt-in binary type plugin
 |o*bits.cBuilt-in bits type plugin
 |o*boolean.cBuilt-in boolean type plugin
 |o*date_and_time.cIetf-yang-types date-and-time type plugin
 |o*decimal64.cBuilt-in decimal64 type plugin
 |o*empty.cBuilt-in empty type plugin
 |o*enumeration.cBuilt-in enumeration type plugin
 |o*hex_string.cBuilt-in hex-string and associated types plugin
 |o*identityref.cBuilt-in identityref type plugin
 |o*instanceid.cBuilt-in instance-identifier type plugin
 |o*instanceid_keys.cIetf-netconf edit-config key metadata instance-identifier keys predicate type plugin
 |o*integer.cBuilt-in integer types plugin
 |o*ipv4_address.cIetf-inet-types ipv4-address type plugin
 |o*ipv4_address_no_zone.cIetf-inet-types ipv4-address-no-zone type plugin
 |o*ipv4_prefix.cIetf-inet-types ipv4-prefix type plugin
 |o*ipv6_address.cIetf-inet-types ipv6-address type plugin
 |o*ipv6_address_no_zone.cIetf-inet-types ipv6-address-no-zone type plugin
 |o*ipv6_prefix.cIetf-inet-types ipv6-prefix type plugin
 |o*leafref.cBuilt-in leafref type plugin
 |o*lyds_tree.cInternal type plugin for sorting data nodes
 |o*node_instanceid.cIetf-netconf-acm node-instance-identifier type plugin
 |o*string.cBuilt-in string type plugin
 |o*union.cBuilt-in union type plugin
 |\*xpath1.0.cIetf-yang-types xpath1.0 type plugin
 o*context.hInternal context structures and functions
 o*dict.hLibyang dictionary
 o*hash_table.hLibyang hash table
 o*in.hLibyang input structures and functions
 o*libyang.hThe main libyang public header
 o*log.hLogger manipulation routines and error definitions
 o*out.hLibyang output structures and functions
 o*parser_data.hData parsers for libyang
 o*parser_schema.hSchema parsers for libyang
 o*plugins.hPlugins manipulation
 o*plugins_exts.hLibyang support for YANG extensions implementation
 o*plugins_types.hAPI for (user) types plugins
 o*printer_data.hData printers for libyang
 o*printer_schema.hSchema printers for libyang
 o*set.hGeneric set structure and manipulation routines
 o*tree.hLibyang generic macros and functions to work with YANG schema or data trees
 o*tree_data.hLibyang representation of YANG data trees
 o*tree_edit.hLibyang generic macros and functions to modify YANG schema or data trees. Intended for internal use and libyang plugins
 \*tree_schema.hLibyang representation of YANG schema trees