libyang  3.1.1
libyang is YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C.
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Here is a list of all modules:
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|\Context options
oError information
oGeneric sets
|oDebug messages groups
|\Logging options
oPlugins: Extensions
|oPlugins: Extensions compilation support
||\Schema compile flags
|oPlugins: Extensions parsing support
|oPlugins: Extensions schema info printer support
|\Plugins: Extensions schema parsed and compiled tree printer support
oPlugins: Types
|oPlugins: Binary built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Bits built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Boolean built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Decimal64 built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Empty built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Enumeration built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Identityref built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Instance-identifier built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Integer built-in types callbacks
|oPlugins: Leafref built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Simple Types Callbacks
|oPlugins: String built-in type callbacks
|oPlugins: Type store callback options.
|oPlugins: Union built-in type callbacks
|\Plugins: xpath1.0 `ietf-yang-types` type callbacks
 oData Tree
 |oData compare options
 |oData diff merge options.
 |oData diff options.
 |oData duplication options
 |oData merge options.
 |oData node flags
 |oData operation type
 |oData parser options
 |oData printer flags
 |oData validation options
 |oImplicit node creation options
 |oNew value creation options
 |oNode type format hints
 |oValue and node type format hints
 |\Value format hints.
 oSchema Tree
 |oAtomize XPath options
 |oCompiled schema nodes flags
 |oDeviate types
 |oOptions for ::lys_getnext() and ::lys_getnext_ext().
 |oOptions for ::lys_module.latest_revision.
 |oParsed schema nodes flags
 |oSchema Node Types
 |oSchema nodes flags
 ||oCompiled schema nodes flags
 ||\Parsed schema nodes flags
 |oSchema output options
 |\if-feature expression tokens
 \Trees - modification