sysrepo  2.1.42
YANG-based system repository for all-around configuration management.
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Here is a list of all modules:
oChange Data Subscription API
oConnection and Session API
oEditing Data API
oError Format Handling Utilities
oGetting Data API
oLocking API
oLogging API
oNotification Subscription API
oOperational Data Subscription API
oPlugin API
oRPC/Action Subscription API
oSchema API
oSubscription API
oValue Manipulation UtilitiesSet of functions facilitating simplified manipulation with sysrepo values. It is not necessary to use these functions in any scenario, values can be allocated and initialized manually (just remember to set all uninitialized members to zero!)
\XPath Processing UtilitiesSet of helpers working on a subset of xpath expressions used of node identification Functions modify inputs arguments by placing termination zero at appropriate places to save up string duplication. The state of processing is stored in sr_xpath_ctx_t opaque for user. It allows to continue in processing where the processing stopped or recover processed input