sysrepo  1.4.122
YANG datastore
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
|oCConnectionClass for wrapping sr_conn_ctx_t
|oCSessionClass for wrapping sr_session_ctx_t
|oCSubscribeClass for wrapping sr_subscription_ctx_t
|oCDataClass for wrapping sr_data_t
|oCValClass for wrapping sr_val_t
|oCValsClass for wrapping sr_val_t array
|oCVals_HolderClass for wrapping sr_val_t in callbacks
|oCChange_IterClass for wrapping sr_change_iter_t
|oCErrorsClass for wrapping sr_error_info_t
|oCIter_ChangeClass for wrapping sr_change_iter_t
|oCChangeClass for wrapping sr_change_oper_t
|oCTree_ChangeClass for wrapping tree sr_change_oper_t
|oCsysrepo_exceptionClass for wrapping sr_error_t
|oCLogsClass for wrapping ref sr_log_level_t
|\CXpath_CtxClass for wrapping sr_xpath_ctx_t
oCsr_data_uData of an element (if applicable), properly set according to the type
oCsr_error_info_msg_sA single, detailed error message. Used in sr_error_info_s
oCsr_error_info_sDetailed sysrepo session error information
oCsr_val_sStructure that contains value of an data element stored in the sysrepo datastore
\Csr_xpath_ctx_sState of xpath parsing. User must not modify nor rely on the content of the structure