sysrepo  2.0.47
YANG-based system repository for all-around configuration management.
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Editing Data

It is possible to edit all the Datastores, startup, running, candidate, and operational. Any changes are first only for the particular session and are not validated, persistent, nor visible for other sessions. These prepared changes can be validated with the current datastore content, discarded, or applied, which will also call any relevant callbacks and make them visible for all sessions.

The uncommitted changes are stored in the form of a NETCONF (RFC) edit-config content. It can also be directly provided instead of performing the changes one-by-one.

Note that changes of operational datastore behave in a special way (more in operational data).

Lastly, it is possible to simply replace the whole datastore (only conventional datastores, all except SR_DS_OPERATIONAL) or only a specific module data with a data tree. Or the source configuration may also come from another datastore or module data, respectively.

Editing Data API