libyang  2.2.8
libyang is YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C.
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Value format hints.
Collaboration diagram for Value format hints.:


#define LYD_VALHINT_BOOLEAN   0x0020
#define LYD_VALHINT_DECNUM   0x0002
#define LYD_VALHINT_EMPTY   0x0040
#define LYD_VALHINT_HEXNUM   0x0008
#define LYD_VALHINT_NUM64   0x0010
#define LYD_VALHINT_OCTNUM   0x0004
#define LYD_VALHINT_STRING   0x0001

Detailed Description

Hints for the type of the data value.

Any information about value types encoded in the format is hinted by these values.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LYD_VALHINT_BOOLEAN   0x0020

value is allowed to be a boolean

Definition at line 941 of file tree_data.h.

#define LYD_VALHINT_DECNUM   0x0002

value is allowed to be a decimal number

Definition at line 937 of file tree_data.h.

#define LYD_VALHINT_EMPTY   0x0040

value is allowed to be empty

Definition at line 942 of file tree_data.h.

#define LYD_VALHINT_HEXNUM   0x0008

value is allowed to be a hexadecimal number

Definition at line 939 of file tree_data.h.

#define LYD_VALHINT_NUM64   0x0010

value is allowed to be an int64 or uint64

Definition at line 940 of file tree_data.h.

#define LYD_VALHINT_OCTNUM   0x0004

value is allowed to be an octal number

Definition at line 938 of file tree_data.h.

#define LYD_VALHINT_STRING   0x0001

value is allowed to be a string

Definition at line 936 of file tree_data.h.