libyang  2.2.8
libyang is YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C.
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Options for ::lys_module.latest_revision.
Collaboration diagram for Options for ::lys_module.latest_revision.:


#define LYS_MOD_IMPORTED_REV   0x04
#define LYS_MOD_LATEST_IMPCLB   0x08
#define LYS_MOD_LATEST_REV   0x01

Detailed Description

Various information bits of lys_module.latest_revision.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LYS_MOD_IMPORTED_REV   0x04

This is the module revision used when importing the module without an explicit revision-date. It is used for all such imports regardless of any changes made in the context.

Definition at line 2173 of file tree_schema.h.

#define LYS_MOD_LATEST_IMPCLB   0x08

This is the latest revision of the module obtained from import callback.

Definition at line 2178 of file tree_schema.h.

#define LYS_MOD_LATEST_REV   0x01

This is the latest revision of the module in the current context.

Definition at line 2171 of file tree_schema.h.


This is the latest revision of the module found in searchdirs.

Definition at line 2172 of file tree_schema.h.