libyang  2.1.80
libyang is YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C.
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Atomize XPath options


#define LYS_FIND_NO_MATCH_ERROR   0x40
#define LYS_FIND_SCHEMAMOUNT   0x0200
#define LYS_FIND_XP_OUTPUT   0x10
#define LYS_FIND_XP_SCHEMA   0x08

Detailed Description

Options to modify behavior of lys_find_xpath() and lys_find_xpath_atoms() searching for schema nodes in schema tree.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LYS_FIND_NO_MATCH_ERROR   0x40

Return error if a path segment matches no nodes, otherwise only warning is printed.

Definition at line 1988 of file tree_schema.h.

#define LYS_FIND_SCHEMAMOUNT   0x0200

Traverse also nodes from mounted modules. If any such nodes are returned, the caller must free their context!

Definition at line 1991 of file tree_schema.h.

#define LYS_FIND_XP_OUTPUT   0x10

Search RPC/action output nodes instead of input ones.

Definition at line 1987 of file tree_schema.h.

#define LYS_FIND_XP_SCHEMA   0x08

Apply node access restrictions defined for 'when' and 'must' evaluation.

Definition at line 1986 of file tree_schema.h.