libyang  2.1.80
libyang is YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C.
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Data validation options


#define LYD_VALIDATE_NO_STATE   0x0001
#define LYD_VALIDATE_PRESENT   0x0002

Detailed Description

Various options to change data validation behaviour, both for the parser and separate validation.

Default separate validation behavior:

Macro Definition Documentation


Do not stop validation on the first error but generate all the detected errors.

Definition at line 218 of file parser_data.h.


Do not add any default nodes during validation, other implicit nodes (such as NP containers) are still added. Validation will fail if a default node is required for it to pass.

Definition at line 222 of file parser_data.h.

#define LYD_VALIDATE_NO_STATE   0x0001

Consider state data not allowed and raise an error if they are found. Also, no implicit state data are added.

Definition at line 214 of file parser_data.h.


Semantic constraint violations are reported only as warnings instead of errors (see RFC 8342 sec. 5.3).

Definition at line 219 of file parser_data.h.


Mask for all the LYD_VALIDATE_* options.

Definition at line 228 of file parser_data.h.

#define LYD_VALIDATE_PRESENT   0x0002

Validate only modules whose data actually exist.

Definition at line 217 of file parser_data.h.