sysrepo  2.0.47
YANG-based system repository for all-around configuration management.
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It is a utility that enables changing schemas (modules). Specifically, it can list, install, uninstall, or update them. Also, features, replay support, and permissions of a module can be changed. It is important to keep in mind what operations are performed immediatelly and what are postponed (details in schemas).

-l, --list

All currently installed modules are listed in a concise table with basic information about them. There is also information about any prepared changes.

sysrepoctl --list

-i, --install <path>

YANG modules are installed simply by specifying the path to them in either YANG or YIN format.

sysrepoctl --install ~/Documents/modules/ietf-interfaces.yang

-u, --uninstall <module>

To remove a YANG module, its name (not file name) must be specified. All installed modules that can be removed are printed by --list.

sysrepoctl --uninstall ietf-interfaces

-c, --change <module>

Installed modules can be changed in several ways, optionally combined into one command. Firstly, their YANG features can be modified.

sysrepoctl --change ietf-interfaces --(disable|enable)-feature if-mib

Then, their replay support (storing received notifications) can be turned on or off.

sysrepoctl --change ietf-interfaces --replay on

Finally, file system permissions can be adjusted.

sysrepoctl --change ietf-interfaces --owner netconf --group netconf --permissions 660

-U, --update <path>

Existing installed YANG modules can be updated to newer revision.

sysrepoctl --update ~/Documents/modules/ietf-netconf@2013-09-29.yang

-C, --connection-count

Get the number of currently connected clients. Can be used to check whether some schema changes can be immediately applied (if there are no connections) or not.

sysrepoctl --connection-count