sysrepo  2.0.47
YANG-based system repository for all-around configuration management.
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This binary allows to work with configuration in many ways such as importing, exporting, editing, and replacing (copying-from a file or datastore) it. It is also possible to send an rpc/action or a notification.

All operations are executed on a --datastore (default running, startup, or operational) or only a particular --module and handle data in a supported --format (default xml, json, or lyb).

-I, --import[=<file-path>]

To import configuration, most often a file is supplied. Its format will be automatically detected based on the extension. If not applicable (or the data are read from STDIN), it can be manually determined.

sysrepocfg --import=~/Documents/data/running.xml

One can also import startup configuration of a module.

sysrepocfg --import=~/Documents/data/ietf-interfaces_startup.json --datastore startup --module ietf-interfaces

-X, --export[=<file-path>]

Exported configuration can be printed into a file or simply to STDOUT.

sysrepocfg --export --datastore operational

Additionally, only a specific part of the configuration can be retrieved. Either the whole module data

sysrepocfg --export=ietf-interfaces_running.lyb --format lyb --module ietf-interfaces

or an XPath selection. Be careful, it is generally needed to enclose the XPath in " to prevent ' from being removed.

sysrepocfg --export --xpath "/ietf-interfaces:interfaces/interface[name='eth0']"

-E, --edit[=<file-path>/<editor>]

Data to merge (apply as an edit) can be provided in a file or using an arbitrary text editor. Also, when changing running data, it is possible --lock the datastore.

sysrepocfg --edit=candidate.xml --datastore candidate
sysrepocfg --edit=vim --lock

-R, --rpc[=<file-path>/<editor>]

It is also possible to send an RPC or action from a file or using an editor. Any output is printed to STDOUT.

sysrepocfg --rpc=vim

-N, --notification[=<file-path>/<editor>]

Sending a notification is performed in a similar way.

sysrepocfg --notification=notif.xml

-C, --copy-from <file-path>/<source-datastore>

This operation can be used to replace a module or datastore data with the contents of either a file or another datastore.

sysrepocfg --copy-from=ietf-interfaces_startup.xml --module ietf-interfaces --datastore startup
sysrepocfg --copy-from=candidate

The second command is, in-effect, a NETCONF <commit> because it copies the candidate datastore into the default running datastore.