libnetconf2  2.0.1
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libnetconf2 is a NETCONF library in C handling NETCONF authentication and all NETCONF RPC communication both server and client-side. Note that NETCONF datastore implementation is not a part of this library. The library supports both NETCONF 1.0 (RFC 4741) as well as NETCONF 1.1 (RFC 6241).

Main Features

  • Creating SSH (RFC 4742, RFC 6242), using libssh, or TLS (RFC 7589), using OpenSSL, authenticated NETCONF sessions.
  • Creating NETCONF sessions with a pre-established transport protocol (using this mechanism the communication can be tunneled through sshd(8), for instance).
  • Creating NETCONF Call Home sessions (RFC 8071).
  • Creating, sending, receiving, and replying to RPCs (RFC 4741, RFC 6241).
  • Creating, sending and receiving NETCONF Event Notifications (RFC 5277),


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